T Complex Beer Sheva IL

The developer’s brief for this closed competition of 5 architecture firms, was to design a prestigious residential hi-rise complex in the developing city of Beer Sheva. Part of the brief was to propose a new zoning plan for the site, in collaboration with the City of Beer Sheva.
The city of Beer Sheva is a desert city, experiencing an extreme climate throughout the year, especially in the summer. This was the generator of our proposal – to design a unique sustainable, green complex, one that in a way will be a new icon for the city.
The Firm submitted two different options for this competition – each concept addresses a different urban planning scheme. One proposal was 3 round hi rise towers, in different heights. The three towers connect in a public ground floor. The tree towers relate to one another. The towers emerged from the image of 3 Bedouin woman, carrying piles of water from the well.
The second proposal referred to high density complex, of low rise buildings connected via shaded patios and lanes, to form a unique complex in the architectural language of the area.
The project achieved the second place.