Rabi Kouk Complex Neve Tzedek TLV

Client: Alonim Investments
Size: 47 units
Status: Building permit

Rabbi Kook residential complex is a historic complex in the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv called Neve Tzedek.  This complex was declared by the municipality to be renovated under strict preservation’s due to its historic role.
This 100 years old complex consists of 4 structures served as synagogues and workshops for the Rabbi’s students. The Rabbi is well known for its social and religious activist. His numerous assays and sermons have gathered around him hundreds of Hassidic and secular believers.
Located close to the shoreline, the complex is planned to accommodate 35 luxury residential units in a mix of sizes all facing the Mediterranean Sea. A commercial floor with cafes and shops is planned for the ground floor, with a fully automated parking lot for the occupants and guests.
The facades are showing their respects to the neighborhood’s architectural style while offering a clean cut design demonstrating the relevance of this project to this time.