Nave Tower Bat Yam IL

Client: Nave Tower
Size: 37400 sq.m, 42 floors, 162 units
Status: Completed in 2014

The Nave Tower is located at the edge of the Bat Yam shore line. This residential tower is 42 story height containing 162 units and is in fact the tallest building located on the Israeli coast. The main concept at the base of the design is addressing the building as a lighthouse being an icon and a compass for The City of Bat Yam – currently lacking any architectural or nautical symbols.
The building’s typology is derived from the structure of nautical object – the yacht, the sail and the fin, all combined in the building that is facing the Mediterranean from the one side and the cultural City of Bat Yam from the other. The typology is also addressing sustainable issues such as wind, light and the surroundings. The location of the building at the end of two axes – the cultural axis and the touristic axis, allowed us to address the tower as a generator of urban identity.
This new identity places the city on the architectural and cultural road map, allowing people to live, work and thus creates a vertical neighborhood within the city’s current structure.
Once built, Bat Yam will now have a new identification symbol – a modern light house.

JV with Yashar Architects.