National Library of Israel

National Library of Israel Competition 2012

The firm took part in an international competition held in 2012 to design the National Library of Israel. The design was based on two primary conceptual themes: The Jewish bookcase and the container.
The Jewish bookcase is a historic idea that represents culture, tradition and knowledge which accumulates through the generations. The container is representing the relations between the container and the contained. The building serves as the end point for the two major axes in the urban space.
The building is a prism shaped mass. The entrance is through a large entrance plaza, serving as an extent to the street. Diverse spaces and spatial circulation schemes around the bookcase core allow the user to experience a changing space as one walks through the building.
The skin of the building is planned as a double layer system, constructed of thin stone slabs, and interior glass plane. The skin protects and preserves the treasures of the building, while reflecting the “National Bookcase” to the outside.