Gitam BBDO Building TLV

Client:  Gitam BBDO
Size: 4500 sq.m. + 3 floors of underground parking and storage
Status: Completed 2009

In 2007, the advertising agency Gitam BBDO, purchased a 6 story building in Tel Aviv for its new headquarters. The competition brief was to design the interior space of the building as a space demonstrating innovation, creativity, out of the box thinking with high end professional approach. Cutting and subtracting through the building’s structure has enabled the team to create a joint atrium to connect between the floors. The areas that were reduced from the floors were exchanged with additional building rights on the roof, which eventually added up to an additional floor (6th floor). This floor is used as the entrance level to the headquarters and incorporates the firms meeting rooms. This floor is covered with a unique steel and glass structure. The reduction of areas has also created several patios that were designed to bring in natural light into the lower floors. The unique roof level, constructed of steel beams and glass was custom made in Switzerland and constructed on site. On the first floor of the building Gal Marom Architects designed the TLV Radio-102FM studios. These studios are the first transparent studios with connection to the street level.