B-Apart Hotel Brussels

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Client: B-Apart Hotels
Size: 3500 sq.m.
Status: Completed 2012


This apartment hotel is located at the center of Brussels, aside embassies, European Union agencies, and numerous office buildings.In this area there is a high demand for apartment hotels, with long term rental options.  The building was built in the 70’s, part of the brutalism in concrete period, and was designed and used as an office building. As part of the new concept for the B-Apart apartment hotels, of building designed hotel for long term rentals with minimum maintenance costs, we were asked to transform the office space to apartments. Total of 47 units in 7 floors, 45 sq.m. per unit. The design concept is projected in 2 types of rooms – dark rooms and light rooms, both designed with overall view from the type of space, the finishing materials, furniture and accessories. The apartments can be rented for all types of resident – from single young professionals to large suits for families. In this project our firm collaborated with the Dutch design company “moooi” to supply all the furniture and accessories for the hotel. All the fixed furniture was designed by our firm. The hotel opened to the public in October 2012, and has been fully occupied ever since.