Iceberg Ramat Gan

Client: Shami & Sons
Size: 5450 sq.m. above ground, 2400 sq.m. underground parking levels. 48 units.
Status: Preliminary design

The Ramat Gan Iceberg is a new project designed as a part of the city’s urban renewal plans and the country’s building reinforcement act (Tama 38).
The lot is and interior lot, located on one of the city’s main streets and surrounded by existing buildings from all sides, the north side is facing a high rise residential with ground level commercial spaces.
At the base of the design was the fact that the building is located within a very complex urban situation. This way the design incorporated all the negative parameters of the immediate surroundings in order to create an attractive urban element.
The building will be covered with horizontal aluminum “planks” in a changing rhythm. These allow maximum privacy between the large windows and the close surroundings. It will also create an illusion of an opaque unified shell, which can be read as a shining iceberg, rising above the existing urban texture and the dense Ficus tree boulevard on Bialik St.
The building consists of 42 units in 14 stories over 2 underground parking levels.