Gruzenberg 37-39 complex “Cinema Ophir” TLV IL

Client: Carasso Real Estate
Size: 6000 sq.m. 4 floors, 33 units.
Status: Completed 2016.

The project is located at the heart of Tel Aviv, on the historic site of Cinema Ophir. This area is undergoing tremendous gentrification redevelopment evolution. The generator for this is the declaration of Tel Aviv as a World Cultural Heritage site, also known as “The White City” where hundreds of international style buildings were built in the 1930’s and 40’s.
The 5 story building is inspired from the international style. The concept of interior courtyard is brought back to life. This void is a critical for the layout of the massing on the site. The courtyard functions as “a city square” and the entire circulation in the building is revolving around it. The building also has a commercial street level very typical in this area.
The target population for this building is diverse and the project offers small city apartments along 2 story garden units and large penthouse units.
The typology of the building continues the horizontal lines of the international Style, while giving new interpretations with new materials.